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When you know what the problem is... can solve it. 

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Workshops and Seminars

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The L M Thomas Group offers a variety of workshops and seminars to business groups, chambers of commerce, and merchants' associations. 

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We have lots of words for change: growth, development, innovation, improvement, disruption, crisis, adapting, responding, and so on. Nevertheless, even good changes can be challenging and exhausting – and even good changes may disrupt our businesses in unforeseen ways. This seminar will help you learn how to manage and integrate change in your business so that your ability to anticipate and respond to change improves over time.

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What does your sales process look like? How quickly can you tell if someone is the right person to buy what you’re selling? How easily can people buy from you? In this workshop, discover the key principles behind developing a clear customer persona and optimizing a sales process so you can get started refining your process to close deals more quickly. Participants will walk away with new skills and a Sales Process assessment to help them as they clarify their process further.

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Find how to successfully transition a leadership role in your organization – including your role.  In order to create maximum value in this transition, you will need forethought and planning.  To help you and your organization through the changes it brings, this seminar will take you through three “musts” of transition: key aspects you will need to apply to the transition process, reflection on what is next, and creating tangible steps to make your leadership changes successful.

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You’ve succeeded in moving past the startup phase: revenue is coming in, funding is lined up, inventory is turning over, and services are being performed. This is success! But now what? In this seminar, we will offer a framework for thinking through your business’ next steps: grow, sell, retire, or license.

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Growing businesses discover early on that scaling their teams is as challenging as scaling their products as they are bringing them to market. Many growing companies find that it is not a lack of ideas, software, or manufacturing capacity that limits their growth. Instead, the limiting factor is often how they are able to grow their teams from the core founders toward a sustainable workforce. Even scaling a team by one or two people can be a challenge. This seminar will offer some entry points as to how to grow your team successfully at any size.

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