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I have worked with Matt Thomas for a year now in a formal consultancy and have appreciated his guidance, professionalism and skill in business formation and strategy. I highly recommend his services for startups and for businesses in development seeking to establish a direction and strategy. His work has been key to getting us to where we are today.

 -- Ethan Chew, Ahead Materials, Inc.

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I have worked with Matt on a couple of projects for our small business. I am currently working with both Matt & Lisa on a newer project. They have been very helpful in providing that outside viewpoint to help us move past some hurdles we have experienced. I would recommend LM Thomas Group if you are experiencing any internal issues or are looking to poise yourself for growth!

-- Kelli Berry, the Weiner Companies, Ltd.

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Our church constitution needed a new life, but it can be hard for people to accept change. Matt Thomas helped to guide us through the weeds to a concise constitution with the basics we needed and one that our congregation was willing to pass. Thank you Matt for your obvious knowledge, clarity and caring attitude through this process.

-- Cheryl Milewski, Church Moderator of First Baptist Church Savoy, Illinois

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Seminar Testimonial:

I found your topic very thought provoking and applicable in my line or work.  I don’t know how you do it, but you have a knack for taking a complex subject and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand and apply to ones situation. 

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Matt has been instrumental in assisting our company during a time of rapid growth. Thanks to his in-depth assessment of our business plans and financial statements, Matt has been valuable recommendations to help reach our business goals. If you're looking to solve a problem within your organization, I strongly recommend reaching out to Matt to help your business reach its fullest potential. 

-- Scott Clanin, Clanin Marketing

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Recently, I attended a seminar by Matthew Thomas on the sales process. I had heard some of the ideas of finding your target audience and utilizing a funnel, but it was at the seminar that it sunk it. Because of his help, I was able to draw out a plan for growth that I am now using. I have much more confidence in our process and am beginning to see results. He helped me discover the joy in sales!

-- Nick Brzozowski

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I worked with Mr. Thomas over a period of months to create systems and processes to improve our mortgage origination business at Fairway Independent Mortgage. Mr. Thomas was able to understand and immerse himself into my business very easily, and then he would effectively communicate to me new efficiencies Then, with his direction, we created systems to get the results that, heretofore, were only theoretical. It was awesome and it was just in time for a large spike in mortgage volume. Thank you L M Thomas Group!

  -- Shaughnessey Rice, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Champaign, IL

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