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Excitement? Chaos? Wild Swinging?

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Running a business can feel a lot like being at a piñata party.
Your Business as a pinata party


Excitement? Chaos? Wild Swinging? Sound Familiar?

People are running around, while managers do their best to keep people on task.
But then, the target everyone is trying to hit: the piñata. While you blindly flail at a moving target. And you're trying not to hit the 5-year-old behind you, or get hit yourself... we've all seen AFV, right?

And if you're the one who actually hits it, it's exhilarating.
But when you do hit it, the moment isn't one you savor: you have to scramble to get your candy before it's all snapped up by the others.
Piñata parties are fun, exciting and chaotic, but they're no way to run a business.

And we bring order to the chaos, and keep you from getting hit by a wild swing.