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By showing up and giving their time, a person generally demonstrates that they want it (though sometimes "it" may be different from what you expected). The want it more mentality assumes apathy, laziness, or ill-will.


Nobody reacts positively to having their character and integrity questioned. Hearing the coach’s want it more message on repeat when we were mustering every ounce of our passion and courage on the field was demoralizing. Meanwhile, we were grasping for answers about why our performance was poor. The coach was not providing those answers. This compounded our frustration.


Ironically, his call for us to want it more depleted our passion, confidence, and willingness to sacrifice. Those three words drove a group of highly-motivated, experienced 20-30-year-old athletes to want it less.


The want it more mentality informed his practice plans as well. Without consideration of technique or strategy, we spent the majority of our skills sessions smashing each other in a vain attempt to find motivation. By Week Two, the team was so physically battered and plagued with injury, motivation was a moot factor.


The want it more message chipped away the team’s physical and mental capacity to perform. The coach lost the locker room and he was fired.


This narrative portrays him in an extremely negative light but his actual sin was rather mundane. He misdiagnosed a problem because he did not look for the Process that caused it.


He was sacked on Saturday. His successor took over on Monday. The new coach addressed process failures in our defensive organization. My team was empowered because he showed us a detailed path for improvement. The change to Process-Driven leadership turned a team that was getting blown out into a winner in seven days.


Why Do Your Employees Drop the Ball?

Apathy, ill-will, and laziness are all-to-frequent misdiagnoses of poor employee performance. Staff members typically drop the ball because:

  • Expectations were poorly communicated;
  • They are experiencing excess pressure from a personal crisis (which may be external to work); or
  • There is an underlying skill deficiency.


When poor performance results from poorly communicated expectations or personal crisis, leaders need robust communication, perception, and emotional intelligence skills to overcome these obstacles. These skills must be forged in a pressurized learning environment and constantly practiced or else leaders will not be up the task when these challenges arise.


Leaders can especially struggle supporting an employee experiencing a personal crisis. Until recently, there has not been an effective method to develop the necessary skills (i.e. lateral thinking, facilitative questioning, active listening, etc.).


Employees also suffer from the historic lack of effective skill development methods. Perceived apathy often arises when an employee is unconfident in their ability to carry out a specific task – generally because they have not been adequately trained how to complete it. Perceived laziness is also rooted in skill deficiency and can be overcome by practicing time management, organization, listening, and coachability.


Skill development is the common solution. Leaders and their staffs can significantly reduce human error by making practice a regular part of their routine. In turn, this reduces overhead and waste while boosting productivity resulting in improved financial performance.


L M Thomas Group is helping professionals sharpen their skills and stay connected through the pandemic by offering Free NextPeak Groups over the coming months. Book Your Spot Today!

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Joseph Rasmus

Joseph Rasmus is a Project Consultant with the L M Thomas Group.

The Five Frustrations

We help business leaders resolve five persistent frustrations that cause them to lose sleep and hurt the bottom line: 



Leaders are frustrated because they feel like all they do is put out fires. They want to spend more time on the stuff they really want to do. They want to just be able to leave the work at work, and not have to sort something out during family or personal time.



Leaders are frustrated because they can't make their numbers work and make good decisions from the information they have: bad information in general; margins and finances; or customer satisfaction that doesn't match the effort expended.



Leaders are frustrated because their process of sales, service, or product delivery drops balls, loses customers, makes workers and customers frustrated, or requires such tight supervision the leaders sometimes wonder whether they should just do it themselves.



Leaders are frustrated because they have so many critical business decisions going on simultaneously that they are either freezing up or swinging wildly - and they don't feel like either is productive for them.



Leaders are frustrated because they feel like they are alone - as an individual, or as a team - and aren't sure whom they can ask and whom they can trust to bring in to help them with their challenges.

Our consultants have all experienced (and resolved) these frustrations.

Consultants Meeting with Clients

And we have helped over 60 clients resolve their frustrations, too.

And we've learned three things along the way:

  1. The Five Frustrations are symptoms of underlying challenges.
  2. Developing solutions with our clients in these five areas of service resolves most* business frustrations.
  3. We want to share what we've learned to make others' lives better.

And that's what drove us to found this business.


* We actually think it solves all business frustrations.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

I have worked with Matt on a couple of projects for our small business. I am currently working with both Matt & Lisa on a newer project. They have been very helpful in providing that outside viewpoint to help us move past some hurdles we have experienced. I would recommend LM Thomas Group if you are experiencing any internal issues or are looking to poise yourself for growth!

-- Kelli Berry, the Weiner Companies, Ltd.

Matt has been instrumental in assisting our company during a time of rapid growth. Thanks to his in-depth assessment of our business plans and financial statements, Matt has been valuable recommendations to help reach our business goals. If you're looking to solve a problem within your organization, I strongly recommend reaching out to Matt to help your business reach its fullest potential. 

-- Scott Clanin, Clanin Marketing

I worked with Mr. Thomas over a period of months to create systems and processes to improve our mortgage origination business at Fairway Independent Mortgage. Mr. Thomas was able to understand and immerse himself into my business very easily, and then he would effectively communicate to me new efficiencies Then, with his direction, we created systems to get the results that, heretofore, were only theoretical. It was awesome and it was just in time for a large spike in mortgage volume. Thank you L M Thomas Group!

  -- Shaughnessey Rice, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Champaign, IL

I have worked with Matt Thomas for a year now in a formal consultancy and have appreciated his guidance, professionalism and skill in business formation and strategy. I highly recommend his services for startups and for businesses in development seeking to establish a direction and strategy. His work has been key to getting us to where we are today.

 -- Ethan Chew, Ahead Materials, Inc.


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Strategy, Purpose, and Mission

Business Planning
Business Strategy
Market Positioning
Executive Leadership

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Process Mapping
Process Audit
Financial Process
Forensic Accounting
Financial Systems Setup

Jobs, Roles, and Structure

Executive Coaching
Board Development
Job Description Development
Leadership Development

Change Management

Surveys and Listening
Data Interpretation
Process Design
Project Management

Business Metrics / KPIs

Metrics Review
Metrics Development
Incentive Alignment
Engagement and Experience
Dashboard Development


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