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Frustrated business leaders with long faces.


Running a business can be frustrating.
We take the frustration out of running your business so you can create positive momentum.











Running a business can feel a lot like being at a piñata party.
Your Business as a pinata party


Excitement? Chaos? Wild Swinging? Sound Familiar?

People are running around, while managers do their best to keep people on task.
But then, the target everyone is trying to hit: the piñata. While you blindly flail at a moving target. And you're trying not to hit the 5-year-old behind you, or get hit yourself... we've all seen AFV, right?

And if you're the one who actually hits it, it's exhilarating.
But when you do hit it, the moment isn't one you savor: you have to scramble to get your candy before it's all snapped up by the others.
Piñata parties are fun, exciting and chaotic, but they're no way to run a business.

And we bring order to the chaos, and keep you from getting hit by a wild swing.

The Five Frustrations

We help business leaders resolve five persistent frustrations that cause them to lose sleep and hurt the bottom line: 



Leaders are frustrated because they feel like all they do is put out fires. They want to spend more time on the stuff they really want to do. They want to just be able to leave the work at work, and not have to sort something out during family or personal time.



Leaders are frustrated because they can't make their numbers work and make good decisions from the information they have: bad information in general; margins and finances; or customer satisfaction that doesn't match the effort expended.



Leaders are frustrated because their process of sales, service, or product delivery drops balls, loses customers, makes workers and customers frustrated, or requires such tight supervision the leaders sometimes wonder whether they should just do it themselves.



Leaders are frustrated because they have so many critical business decisions going on simultaneously that they are either freezing up or swinging wildly - and they don't feel like either is productive for them.



Leaders are frustrated because they feel like they are alone - as an individual, or as a team - and aren't sure whom they can ask and whom they can trust to bring in to help them with their challenges.

Fifteen Years Ago, This Was Me.

Matthew M. Thomas, President, L M Thomas Group

Yes, fifteen years ago, I had all five of those frustrations going on. At the same time.     

    • I was putting out fire after fire after fire. 
    • The information I needed to do my job wasn't available, and what I did have was questionable.
    • Our organization's processes were fundamentally broken.
    • Things were more complicated than they needed to be, and I didn't know where to even begin.
    • And I was alone without a lot of outside support to help me think through and act upon the other frustrations.

… not a place any of us wants to be.

With help, I got out of all of them – and for the last ten years, I’ve helped over 50 client businesses get free from those things. We'll walk with you through the frustration and out the other side.


But don't just take our word for it.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

Soon after purchasing a company and struggling to find a direction for growth, I began working with Matt.  He helped us tie together our two revenue streams and poise us for expansion.  Just two weeks ago, we purchased another company, far exceeding our growth goals for the year.  The ability to do this was in large part because of the work we did with Matt.

-- Kelli Berry, the Weiner Companies, Ltd.

Matt has been instrumental in assisting our company during a time of rapid growth. Thanks to his in-depth assessment of our business plans and financial statements, Matt has been valuable recommendations to help reach our business goals. If you're looking to solve a problem within your organization, I strongly recommend reaching out to Matt to help your business reach its fullest potential. 

-- Scott Clanin, Clanin Marketing

Our church constitution needed a new life, but it can be hard for people to accept change. Matt Thomas helped to guide us through the weeds to a concise constitution with the basics we needed and one that our congregation was willing to pass. Thank you Matt for your obvious knowledge, clarity and caring attitude through this process.

-- Cheryl Milewski, Church Moderator of First Baptist Church Savoy, Illinois


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